In Loving Memory of Bruno

2005 - 2020


Bruno passed away peacefully alongside his mom Noa Avior & dad Avi Kulawy, Sunday September 13th, 9:39am ET at the age of 15 years and 2 days under the care of Dr. Brett Levitske and medical staff at VERG in Brooklyn, NY.


In his last 72 hours Bruno was able to say goodbye to his four legged pals, Babka, Petunia, Marla & Avi the dog. He was also given lots of pets from his two legged friends, Rob, Lawrence, Marina, Rachel, Travis, Amy, Sid, Darren, Anthony, Gillian, Caroline, David, Tal, Shane, Suren, Galit & Julian. He was served organic chicken and ground turkey meals which he enjoyed very much. He celebrated his 15th birthday on the beach at Brighton and visited his favorite spot, the promenade in Bay Ridge watching the sunset and falling asleep near our bench. He was buried in Surprise New York. We thank our family Kenny & Ruti for lending their beautiful land as his final resting place. 


Bruno’s last days were meaningful and full of love. We attribute this to the gentle care of Dr. Brett Levitzke, Medical Director of VERG (Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group). Bruno was brought to the emergency room on Wednesday morning and Dr. Levitzke took him right in for examination. He was tenderhearted as he delivered the news that Bruno had prostate cancer which metastasized to his bladder. He drained Bruno’s bladder, prescribed an anti-inflammatory and very honestly let us know that Bruno’s time is better spent surrounded by his loved ones than undergoing aggressive medical treatment. Since we are in a pandemic, we had to wait outside. When we checked Bruno out Dr. Levitzke came outside because he wanted to meet us, give us comfort in person, share his contact information and let us know that he was available to us and wanted updates of Bruno’s progress. The next day, Bruno again was not able to relieve himself so we took him back to VERG. Dr. Levitzke stopped in on his off-site day to make sure he saw Bruno. We stayed in touch with him over email and his compassion towards us all helped lift the heaviness of the matter at hand. Over the next couple of days Bruno had to be taken twice a day to get his bladder drained. The staff at VERG were always good natured and caring. Noticing the staff taking their clients from the outside waiting area in such a jovial way again assured us that Bruno was in caring hands. When the overnight ER doctor said, I know what Bruno needs tonight but is there anything that YOU need? We were reaffirmed that we are also in caring hands.


I (Noa) would like to mention that upon receiving Bruno’s diagnosis, in tears, told the doctor that I was nervous about what this visit and the overall picture would cost. That day’s bill was very fair and even though he didn’t tell us, we know that Dr. Levitzke had us covered. Taking this burden off our shoulders allowed us to focus on Bruno.


We were so touched by his altruism and the principals of his staff that we would like Bruno’s passing to provide an opportunity for charity. When we looked up the doctor we were pleased to see that he opened up VERG to serve his community and is on the Board of Directors of the non-profit Positive Tails. In conjunction with VERG, this charity provides care for abused and stray animals. It also covers the costs of medical care for pets whose families cannot afford it. 


We thank you for taking the time to read the last chapter of Bruno’s story and ask that you help add pages to it by donating in his loving memory. 


Bruno was a great companion and an extension of our lives. We love him so much and hope that he brought you joy, laughter and comfort in one way or another.